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Suite of Things that Sound Like (But Aren't) Folk Songs

Consortium Registration

The "Suite of Things that Sound Like (But Aren't) Folk Songs" will be a Grade 3.5-4 composition for concert band consisting of 3-5 short movements based on folk song archetypes. The completed work may be performed as a whole, or individual movements may be programmed on their own.

The consortium is open to ensembles of any level, but primarily to more advanced high school and college-level ensembles. The consortium buy-in is $75 for high-school or community ensembles, and $150 for college/university ensembles (with a $25/$50 retainer, respectively).  

The retainer can be paid with the links below following registration at 

Consortium members will receive exclusive performance rights for one year following the completion of the work, a credit in the front matter of the composition, remote or in-person attendance at one rehearsal (schedules permitting) by the composer, and a .pdf of the completed score and parts (physical copies of the score and/or saddle-stitched parts can be arranged separately, but will entail a nominal fee). 

The final composition will be delivered in the fall of 2022. Consortium members will be contacted when the work is complete and will receive their copy of the piece once the full commission price is paid.

Commissioners are welcome to request a formal contract in addition to the implied agreement of purchasing the retainer or to pay by some means other than PayPal. Contact the composer at nealendicottmusic [at] with any questions.

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