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Consortium Opportunity:
Commodius Vicus 
Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra

Composer Neal Endicott, saxophonist Andrew Hosler, and the Michigan Philharmonic invite saxophonists and orchestras to join a consortium for the composition of a new concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra: Commodius Vicus.

See details below. Interested parties can register HERE


Commodius Vicus will be a 4-movement concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra to be premiered by Andrew Hosler and the Michigan Philharmonic in the 2025 - 26 season. Soloists and ensembles are welcomed to join the consortium on a “pay-what-you-can” basis with suggested minimum buy-ins of $50 for soloists and $150 for ensembles. For both, consortium buy-in entitles you to have your name listed in the front matter of the score and you will receive a .pdf of the solo part, piano reduction, and (for ensembles) orchestral score/parts (printed scores will be available at cost, and printed parts available at 1.2x cost).


The Michigan Philharmonic has the rights to the premiere of the concerto in orchestral format. Performance with the piano reduction may begin immediately, and subsequent orchestral performances may begin as soon as the Michigan Philharmonic has performed the work (date TBA).


Symphonic Bands/Wind Symphonies may join as well for a minimum buy-in of $100 against the creation of a band version of the concerto following the orchestral premiere.

Inquiries may be directed to nealendicottmusic [at]

Download the Consortium Flyer:

More details about the proposed composition:

Musical Sketches:

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